"Gofig" - The Story & Inspiration Behind the Name

Gofig, our sustainability startup, proudly works toward a vision to eliminate all waste from surplus and short-dated products. We have often been asked what our name means or stands for, and here is our answer! 

At the core of ‘Gofig’ is the resilient fig tree, a symbol of intelligence and prosperity. Choosing "fig" reflects our commitment to smart and sustainable solutions. Moreover, like the enduring fig tree, we strive to weather the challenges and thrive to champion sustainability.

We encourage a journey of discovery, embodying the idea of ‘going to figure out' unique finds and hidden treasures in surplus goods. Navigate our offerings, and you might just get lucky with exclusive deals, making your sustainable choices all the more attractive.

Furthermore, "Gofig" also embodies simplicity and memorability.  Pronounceable with ease, it effortlessly becomes a part of daily vocabulary as a versatile verb and noun. "Gofiger' stands for our clever and environmentally conscious consumers who make smart choices and can boast about how they have skillfully "gofiged" the best deals.

Last but not the least, the inclusion of "go" at the beginning instills a sense of action, echoing our commitment to facilitating positive change. Gofig transcends being just a name; it's a call to action, urging individuals to make conscious decisions for a sustainable future.

Find out more about Gofig and our cause here.