We are an ingenious combination of food lovers, pocket-conscious consumers and green warriors who genuinely love good food and cannot see it going to waste!  

At Gofig, we've curated India’s first and finest collection of surplus, short-dated food items from leading Indian & global gourmet & speciality-food brands that are quite literally dying to be eaten (no pun intended!). 

We aggregate the finest-quality short-dated items from reputed brands so that our consumers have a chance at sustainable and green indulgence! 

Our vision is simple – Every package of food that is manufactured deserves to meet a food lover before it’s too late! We like to play cupid by matching surplus, short-dated items at attractive prices with clever consumers!   

Our Inspiration 

A whopping 40% of the food produced in India goes to waste.  A lot of this waste is from packaged food that is “short-dated”, meaning close to its use-by or expiry date. While this food is still perfectly good in terms of taste and quality and is safe to consume, it ends up being discarded mostly due to incorrect perception and lack of awareness.  

Founded by Disha Shah & Gaurav Shah – avid travelers and planet-conscious consumers, Gofig is India’s first digital platform-solution tackling the challenge of waste from short-dated packaged foods & cosmetics in a transparent manner. Having spent more than 10 years across countries & continents including Germany, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong & France and having experienced smart and innovative sustainability concepts first-hand, the founding team believes the time is right to bring these breakthrough ideas to India.   

Our Belief & Action 

Trust, transparency and an innate motive to do good for all our stakeholders – our consumers, brand partners & planet Earth are at the core of our belief system. 

Our brand partners are genuine folks, building amazing products. We believe in providing them with an opportunity to transparently sell short-dated items for what they are – genuinely good products that are still safe to consume and intact in taste! 

Our consumers are smart, aspirational and environmental conscious folks. We understand that short-dated items come with the challenge of limited time to consume and hence, we offer amazing incentives in the form of attractive discounts to our consumers!