1.1.1. We strive to deliver products purchased from Gofig in excellent condition and in the fastest time possible. The shipping charge will include the delivery fee, low cart fee, convenience fee, etc., and will be applicable to the orders based on the item purchased and order value. The shipping charges will be calculated and displayed during checkout.

1.1.2. Products will be shipped to an address designated by you, if applicable, so long as such address is complete. All transactions are made pursuant to a shipping contract, and, as a result, risk of loss and title for Products pass to you upon delivery of the Products to the carrier.

1.1.3. We take no responsibility for goods signed by an alternative person other than the person ordering the product at the address indicated at the time of the order. Since the transactions are authorised by the card holder, we do not take responsibility for incorrect addresses provided at the time of placing the order. The delivery will NOT be redirected / redelivered to any other address in any circumstance.

1.1.4. The selected product will be delivered only in the city it is mentioned as “available” on this website.

1.1.5. Gofig shall not be held responsible for damage of products after delivery.

1.1.6. If the order is lost or undelivered to your preferred location, we will refund the complete order amount including any shipping charges if paid online.

1.1.7. If you return an order delivered to you, order shipping charges will not be refunded. For accounts whose return behaviour violates our fair usage policy, a delivery charge of Rs. 50-150 will be levied on all orders, irrespective of order value.

*Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges.


1.2.1. We always strive hard to provide the best experience to our customers. However, we have noticed that few accounts abuse our policies. These accounts typically choose to not accept our shipments or raise incorrect / unverified / false complaints or claims. We reserve the right to collect a shipping charge of up to Rs. 149 for all orders if we observe a high number of such complaints or claims or shipments not accepted.

1.2.2. Please tap on the “Orders” section under the account menu of the website to check your order status.


You can find out if Gofig delivers to your City on the Website. We may not deliver to certain PIN codes within the listed cities. The PIN codes serviced by us are frequently updated, so if we do not deliver to your PIN code today, please come back and check to see if this has changed.


All orders placed on Gofig are dispatched through other courier partners. A tracking number is provided as soon as the parcel is dispatched with which you can get updates on the location of the parcel and the estimated delivery date and time. Updates will be provided via E-mails or SMS frequently.

Timeline for Delivery:

  • Dispatch from Pune Warehouse - Delivery within 2-4 Business Days
  • Dispatch from Vendor Warehouse (Dropship) - Delivery within 4-5 Business Days


You can change your order’s shipping address before we’ve shipped it by getting in touch with our customer care representatives. Extra charges (if applicable) shall be levied.


Kindly reach out to us for pilferage / leakage / tempering within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery failing which the claim will not be entertained. Whilst we investigate, you are requested to please make note of the below pointers:

- Please do not use the item for which the claim is being raised.
- You may be required to furnish information like a short description of the case (a few questions will be asked to help us understand the scenario).
- The snapshots of the packet and other boxes (if any). Try to cover the sides which look tampered/damaged.
- The refund for prepaid / Cash on delivery orders will be done after the investigation. You may not be liable for a refund if you fall in any of the scenarios stated below:
- Failure to provide adequate information about the case.
- Failure to provide snapshots of the packet and box (if any).
- If a pilferage / leakage delivery was received, claims must be made the same day.
- You must not dispose of the packaging for 3 – 4 days post-delivery. We might need to pick-up your packaging for investigation at our end.


We do not deliver products out of India at the moment.



2.1.1. No returns will be accepted, unless the product is damaged or defective (defined hereinbelow). Damaged means any packed product having quality issues leading to deleterious or destructive effects due to physical or chemical damage, or from any other circumstances, and which renders the product unfit for consumption and / or use. Defective product is a product that causes injury to a person due to either a design defect including packaging, a manufacturing defect, or a marketing defect. You understand and agree that certain products may require specific storage conditions and certain instructions may be required to follow as mentioned on the Packaging of the product. You are required to adhere to the same so as to enjoy the product in its best form and prevent spoilage, contamination of the product which may render it unfit for consumption or its intended usage. Products stored or used in conflict with such conditions and instructions shall be not eligible for Returns / Refunds. DENTS / SCRATCHES: We take care and exercise due caution to deliver your product(s) in the best possible manner, however, there may be times that you may receive the product(s) with minor dents or scratches including slight indentations or creasing in a shipping carton. As a general consensus, it is safe to buy and use products from dented packaging; it does, however, depend on the condition the packaging is in and the products contained inside. Please note, that minor scratches and/or dents do not affect the quality of the product(s) or its intended use and thus, is safe and fit for use and consumption. However, we suggest you inspect each of the product(s) and packaging inside for damage as well. In case of a major dent or any leakage or if you notice any opening, pinhole, then we suggest not to use the product(s) and get in touch with our customer support without delay. SHELF LIFE: Our Website and the product(s) itself, clearly reflects the Best Before / Expiry date (“Shelf Life”) of each product, which indicates and means that the product is fit and safe for use and / or consumption by the date indicated on the Website and also on the Product received by you. We shall never have any product(s) on our Website which are not safe / unfit for consumption. However, when you as a Consumer make a purchase of any product(s), it is agreed and understood that you have made your fair due diligence with regards to the Shelf Life / Best Before / Expiry date of the product(s) as stated on the Website and thus placed your order depending upon your usage. In an effort to curb frivolous, invalid and false claims of rejecting and returning the product(s) which are well within the stipulated Shelf Life and also fit and safe for consumption, NO CLAIMS FOR ANY RETURN OF PRODUCT(S) WHICH ARE WELL WITHIN THE STIPULATED TIMEFRAME OF THEIR SHELF LIFE AS REFLECTING ON THE BEST BEFORE / EXPIRY OF THE PRODUCT(S) SHALL BE ENTERTAINED. There may also be times when you may receive a product wherein the Best Before / Expiry date on the Website may be different than that reflecting on the Best Before / Expiry date mentioned on the product(s) (this could purely be due to logistical / technical / system updates), in this case, if the product is well within its Shelf Life i.e., within its Best Before / Expiry date it shall not be eligible for Return on issues of Shelf Life not being sufficient or enough, unless the Shelf Life is less than 20% at the time of receipt of the product by you which would be taken into account by us, evaluated at our end by the concerned team and fulfilling the eligibility criteria processed for return or refund as the case may be.

2.1.8. Gofig takes stringent measures to ensure that the products delivered to you are in perfect condition. However, there is a remote possibility that the product may get damaged during transit or an incorrect product is delivered to you. In such a case, you may return a product bought from us in case of damage or defect within seven (7) days of purchase for non-perishable products and within two (2) days of purchase for perishable products.

2.1.9. Important information

2.1.10. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, unopened and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Contact our customer support to get a free shipping label.

2.1.11. If our products arrived damaged, rotten or contaminated in any way, please contact us right away, and we will be happy to send a free replacement. This replacement for the damaged, rotten or contaminated products shall always be subject to our rights to recall the products to send it for further analysis and testing. If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support.

2.1.12. At the time of return, preferably, at least 75 % of the weight or volume of the actual product must be returned.


1.13. The refund or return shall be subject to inspection and in case it is not approved, then no refund shall be initiated.

2.1.14. The Product must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

2.1.15. Please note that items purchased at cannot be returned in a Gofig store for exchange or refund.

2.1.16. The above policy is valid on all products except Gift cards and perishable items having shelf life of less than two (2) days.


After the refund has been initiated by Gofig as per the Returns Policy, the refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account as per the following timelines:

- NEFT – 1 to 3 business days post refund initiation
- Gofig Credit – Instant
- Online Refund – 7 to 10 business days post refund initiation, depending on your bank partner
- Wallets – Instant

Please note, Gofig initiates the refund after the returned item has reached us and the quality check is successful. Therefore, the refund initiation time may vary by time taken by the courier partner to deliver the return to our warehouse. In case of any refund discrepancies, Gofig may, at its sole discretion, request you to share with us a screenshot of your bank statement.


2.3.1. This may happen, if the item you returned is used, damaged or labels are missing. In the event that the return request is declined, the user shall not be eligible for a refund, and Gofig assumes no liability in this regard. For more details, please call our customer support.

2.3.2. This may happen, if the item you returned does not qualify the eligibility criteria as in Clause 2.1. above.

We reserve the right to modify, amend or change our Return and Refund Policy from time to time.